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Data Science Minor - Course Description

COSC 200 - Computational Methods for Image Analysis

  • Signal and color/pixel/voxel image representation. Medical imaging acquisition. Filtering and convolution, low-pass/high-pass filters, bilateral filtering. Local feature detection and description. Morphological image processing, radon transform, geometric image transformation, interpolation. Data compression. Image comparison/categorization.

COSC 210 - Introduction to Machine Learning

  • Linear regression/classification. Decision trees. Support vector machines. Spectral methods, k-means clustering. Neural networks. Deep learning, gradient descent, back-propagation, error evaluation/cross-validation.

COSC 220 - Applied Data Science

  • Project-based class using data science on a real-world problem from start (design, data-preparation/pre-processing) to finish (report of the results). This culminating practicum course for the Applied Data Science minor builds on one or more of the prerequisites. Topics include, but are not limited to, data mining, text mining, and applied machine learning. Prerequisite: COSC 200 and COSC 210.

COSC 230 - Advanced Machine Learning

  • Graph theory. Probabilistic graphical models. Bayes theorem. Parametric discrete Gaussian message passing. Non-parametric message passing. Prerequisites: MATH 260, COSC 200 and 210.


School: Seaver College
Location(s): Malibu
Accreditation: AACSB, WSCUC
  • Fall 2022: COSC 200
  • Spring 2022: COSC 200, COSC 210
Contact: Prof. Fabien Scalzo - fabien.scalzo@pepperdine.edu
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